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Smoking even ‘just’ One or Two cigarettes per day Can Increase Your Risk of Lung Disease

Are you thinking there’s no harm in smoking a few cigarettes in a few places? You’re wrong.

Smoking cigarettes is the No. first cause of preventable disease and deaths for people in the U.S. The latest new study exposes the amount of risk that smoking cigarettes pose in the case of developing lung disease.

The thing that is surprising to the pulmonologist Humberto Choi MD was that people who smoke light cigarettes were in greater danger than they think.

“The lighter smokers developed emphysema at an increased rate than those who stopped smoking,” says Dr. Choi who did not take part as part of the research.

Distinguishing the risks of smoking

The study examined more than 3,000 individuals during 30 years. Researchers found that people who were heavy smokers had the greatest chance of developing lung diseases and were followed by lighter smokers. People who quit smoking regardless of whether they had previously been heavy or light smokers had the lowest risk of developing lung disease among the population of smokers.

The most significant factor that influenced the likelihood of developing lung cancer was the length of time a smoker was as long they continued to smoke for, the greater the chance of developing lung disease.

The lesson The bottom line is that no amount of smoking can be considered risk-free.

Dr. Choi says the study results are in line with prior research that has shown that there is no way to be non-hazardous. Even people who are light smokers could develop lung cancers that are fatal like Emphysema or chronic obstructive lung (lung) condition or COPD.

“I think that it’s a misperception that just because you smoke moderately, maybe 1 or 2 cigarettes every day, it is a good idea since you’re not smoking a whole pack or two every daily,” the doctor says. “You might think that it’s safe. But a growing amount of evidence suggests that it’s not.”

Stopping smoking at any time in life could reduce the chance of developing lung diseases the doctor. Choi adds. It’s never too late to quit smoking.

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