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Important Questions to Ask When Buying Drugs from an Online Pharmacy


Granted, online pharmacies are fast, easy, and convenient, but not all are as reputable as they claim. As such, you need to watch out for these “bad eggs” that are poised to cause grave consequences to your health.

Buying drugs from the wrong online pharmacy can have dire consequences. You could end up buying fake drugs that can make your condition worsen, lose your money to fraudulent activities or put your personal information at risk. However, you can safely buy drugs online by asking some important questions as listed below :

  1. Do they Sell Prescription Drugs Without a Valid Prescription from a licensed medical professional?

Now, this is a very important question to ask! Reputable online pharmacies will never deliver prescription drugs to you without a bonafide prescription from a professional. Selling drugs without a doctor’s approval is deemed illegal, not to mention detrimental to health. So if you make a call to confirm or look through their website and realize they don’t require a prescription for prescription drugs, you should run as fast as your legs can carry you.

  1. Do they Have a Legit Contact Info?

Legit online pharmacies like this Canadian pharmacy typically have a verifiable contact address and phone number. This attests to excellent customer service delivery and spotless reputation. For example, top-notch pharmacies have a toll-free contact number and contact emails for sales, marketing, website problems, and general inquiries. They also include a toll-free fax number. Any website that lacks sufficient contact information is up to no good, and you should avoid them like the plague.

  1. Is the Website Registered?

Purchasing drugs from an unregistered website is ill-advised and dangerous.  This means the website isn’t following standard regulatory practices and may deliver counterfeit or expired drugs to consumers.  Your answer will determine whether to patronize the website or ditch them.

  1. Is the Company Licensed?

You should never buy drugs from an online pharmacy that isn’t accredited by the State Boards of Pharmacy. Accreditation signifies that the company sells good-quality drugs and is following standard pharmaceutical procedures. You can enquire to see if they are licensed and follow up with a search on the NABP website, where you will find a list of accredited online pharmacies.

  1. Do they Protect Consumers’ Personal Information

The last thing you want is to give unknown parties unrestricted access to your private information. As with most online transactions, you will need to provide personal details to order a drug online. But the question is, do they safeguard your private details from prying eyes and fraudulent parties? A reputable online company will ensure that your personal information is safe with a detailed privacy policy!

The Bottom Line

There are certain questions you need to ask when purchasing drugs from an online pharmacy. These questions are necessary to ascertain their legality and to protect you from harm’s way. Remember, not every online pharmacy is as reputable as they appear, so you should ask questions for your own safety. It is better to be safe than sorry!

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