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A quick overview of the dangers of E-cigarettes to Kids Teens, Young Adults, and Adults

What’s the bottom line about the risks of electronic cigarettes for Teens, Kids, and Young Adults?

E-cigarettes are risky for teens, kids, and even young adults.

Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine is extremely addictive and can cause harm to adolescent brain development, which can last until the mid-20s or early 20s. 1

E-cigarettes could contain harmful substances in addition to nicotine.

People who are young and use electronic cigarettes are most likely to be smokers shortly.

What is an E-cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes create an aerosol or mix of tiny particles in the air.

Electronic cigarettes come in various designs and shapes. They typically have a battery and a heating element and a container to store the liquid.

Certain e-cigarettes appear like regular cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. They can look similar to USB flash drives, pens, or other common items. Tank systems, also known as “mods,” do not appear like other tobacco products.

Electronic cigarettes are known under a variety of various names. They’re sometimes referred to as “e-cigs,” “e-hookahs,” “mods,” “vape pen,” vapes,” “tank systems,” as well as “electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS).”

It is known as “vaping

What is the effect of electronic cigarettes?

The aerosol is created by heating liquids that typically contain nicotine, flavorings, as well as other chemicals to create the aerosol.

The liquid that is used in electronic cigarettes usually has flavorings and nicotine. It is often referred to as “e-juice,” “e-liquid,” “vape juice” and “vape liquid.”

The users inhale the e-cigarette’s aerosol into their lungs. People around them can breathe in the aerosol when users exhale it in the air.

E-cigarette devices are a great way to deliver marijuana as well as other substances.

What is JUUL?

JUUL is a brand name of electronic cigarettes that are designed to look like a USB drive. Similar to other e-cigarettes JUUL is powered by batteries that can heat a liquid containing nicotine to make an aerosol that is taken inhaled.

All JUUL electronic cigarettes contain a high amount of nicotine. According to the company, the single JUUL e-cigarette has as much nicotine as 20 packs of ordinary cigarettes. 2

JUUL is among the few electronic cigarettes that utilize nicotine salts. These enable particularly high levels of nicotine inhalation much more quickly and without irritation than free-base nicotine which is typically employed to make tobacco, like electronic cigarettes.

News media outlets and social media websites report the widespread usage of JUUL JUUL by students in schools in bathrooms and classrooms.

Around two-thirds of JUUL users between 15 and 24 don’t know that JUUL always has nicotine.

While JUUL has been the best-selling electronic cigarette brand in the United States, other companies offer e-cigarettes that resemble USB flash drives. For instance, some look like the MarkTen Elite, a nicotine delivery device, as well as PAX Era, a similar device. PAX Era, a marijuana delivery device that resembles JUUL.

Additional information regarding USB-shaped electronic cigarettes and actions that parents, teachers as well as health care professionals should take to help protect children can be found at the CDC’s Infographicpdf icon

What is the reason Nicotine is Not Safe for Children or Teens? Adults?

The majority of e-cigarettes contain nicotine, the addictive drug found in traditional cigarettes as well as cigars and other tobacco products.

A recent CDC study revealed that 99 percent of E-cigarettes that were sold in venues with an assessment across the United States contained nicotine.

Some labels for e-cigarettes do not declare the presence of nicotine and some e-cigarettes that are advertised as being free of nicotine have been discovered to have nicotine.

Nicotine may harm the development of the brain of adolescents. 1 The brain continues to develop until around age 25.

The use of nicotine during adolescence could cause damage to the areas of the brain responsible for mood, attention, learning, and controlling impulses. 1

Every time a new memory is formed or the ability is improved stronger connections – also known as synapses – are created within brain cells. The brains of children develop synapses much faster than adult brains. Nicotine modifies how synapses form.

Adolescents who smoke nicotine may increase the risk of dependence on other drugs. 1

What are the other dangers of E-cigarettes for Children teens, young adults?

Researchers are still learning about the long-term health consequences of electronic cigarettes.

Certain ingredients found in the aerosols of e-cigarettes could cause harm to the lungs over the long run. For instance, some flavorings from e-cigarettes could be safe to consume, but not inhale as the stomach is capable of processing more chemicals than the lungs. 1

Defective E-cigarette batteries have led to several explosions and fires, several of which have led to serious injuries.

Adults and children have been poisoned through breathing, swallowing, or absorbing liquid from e-cigarettes through their eyes or skin. In the United States, about 50 percent of requests to poison control centers regarding electronic cigarettes are made by children five years old or less.

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